Answers to the skeletal/muscular system test review!!

Bone tissue is broken down by bone cells called _Osteeo clast___.

Which is a type of movable joint? Pivot, ball and socket, hinge, and gliding

 Know the functions of the skeletal system? Support and Protection, stores minerals such as calciumand phosphorus, gives shape and support 

Skeletal muscles always work in pairs

 The  cardiac and skeletal muscles are striated and the smooth muscle is not.

 Hardening minerals are deposited in bone tissue by bone-forming cells called osteoblasts.

 When you bend your arm, one of a pair of muscles relaxes, while the other contracts.

 The three types of muscle in your body are:skeletal, smooth and cardiac

 The joints in your skull and pelvis are immovable.

 More than 600 muscles make movement possible.

 muscles that you control-voluntary

  involuntary muscles with striations in your heart-cardiac

 thick bands of tissue that attach muscles to bones-tendon

 muscles that look striped and are used to move bones-skeletal

 involuntary muscles that have no striations-smooth

muscles that you can’t control consciously-invountary

 organ that contracts and relaxes-muscle

substance that produces red and white blood cells inside bones-marrow

 joint that allows range of movement movable

 tough band of tissue that holds bones together-ligament

 all the bones that make up a skeleton-skeletal system

 where two or more bones meet-joint

 tight-fitting membrane that makes up outer covering of bone-periosteum

 joint that allows little or no motion-immovable

 flexible tissue without blood cells that cushions ends of bones-cartilage

 You take a bite of your hamburger, chew it, and swallow it. Are the muscles involved in these specific actions voluntary or involuntary?   voluntary, because you are in control of the actions

 Identify and describe the kind of movable joint in your fingers? hinge joints; they move back and forth

 What is the function of skeletal muscles? to move body parts

 What kind of joint attaches your arm and shoulder?  Ball and socket

 Describe how muscles work in pairs. One contracts and the other relaxes..EX: bicep and tricep

 What is the purpose of the ribs and skull? Protect internal organs-ribs protect heart and lungs and skull protects brain

 Why are the muscles that move food through your digestive track called involuntary muscles? You can’t control them consciously

 How is cardiac muscle like skeletal muscle and how is it like smooth muscle? It is striated like skeletal muscle and involuntary like smooth muscle

 What causes muscles to become larger or smaller? their level of use; muscles that do a lot of work become larger, while muscles that are not exercised become smaller.

In Figure 17-1, which letter indicates the fulcrum? D

Describe how a lever works. A rod or plank that pivots around a point or fulcrum

In Figure 17-2, which letter represents a muscle contracting?A

 In Figure 17-2, which letter represents a muscle relaxing?B

 Describe the action of the muscles in Figure 17-2 when the lower arm moves downward. The muscles will relax and return to their original length

 What are the five functions of the skeletal system? give shape and support to the body; protects internal organs; attaches to bones to help them move; forms blood cells in the marrow; stores calcium and phosphorous compounds

Make sure and study all bones and muscles!!!

 **Skeletal System Notes & Diagram

**Muscular System Notes & Diagram

 Cells that make up bone:

 Osteoclast—cells that break down bone

 Osteoblast—bone forming cells


 For more info. on human body levers  read pg. 505 & 506.

 Label the 3 types of muscle tissue pictured on the right.


Be able to label muscles and bones.


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